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Ok, we admit, we aren’t social media gurus…

If you are reading this, you are probably aware that we are currently running a Twitter contest to win a worldwide unlocked iPhone 4. Well, apparently in our zeal to jump into the social networking game, we may have over-estimated our ability to build a user-base from zero. So, after much deliberation, we’ve decided to come clean with our situation and our plan the remainder of the contest.
Fail Sign

First off, we aren’t a big software company and we don’t have a lot of resources at our disposal. There’s just two of us here and we develop for the iPhone and iPad because its something we really love and we believe that these devices are mapping the future of computing. We do this for passion, not financial gain. We’d love it if this paid the bills, but so far that’s not happening. We have side jobs to try to pay the bills, we meet late at night at coffee shops for development meetings, and generally spend way too much time and effort crafting apps that we really love.

I tell you all this not in an effort to evoke sympathy, but in an effort to have you understand how much it took for us to commit $1000 to buy an iPhone 4 and other incidentals for this contest (which we did). We need that money. But we did it anyway, because we thought it would be a good way to get the word out about our camera app, 321 Photo. Maybe we were a little drunk on all the internet-hype about the “power of social media”. We certainly underestimated the amount of work involved in getting the word out. We were confident that we would get immediate attention from bloggers and Twitter fans the world over. Well, that didn’t happen. The Twitter fans have trickled in (thank-you!), but unfortunately at a pace far below our expectations.

So here we are, about a week away from the end of our contest ending and it looks a ways off to have it pay off for us in any measurable way. I suppose that we could just cancel the contest and slink away as some others have done, but we don’t think that’s fair. In all honesty, we want to give this iPhone 4 away (they really are awesome!). But we also need it to at least come close to meeting our objectives. We were hoping to gain up to 5000 followers through this contest, we know we have many times that number of actual users of 321 Photo, but clearly reaching our Twitter goal in the next 6 days would be a tall order.

So, we’ve come up with a compromise that I hope all our fans and Twitter followers will agree is fair. Here’s what we plan to do:

  • We will make the drawing for the iPhone 4 within 72 hrs after we reach a reduced goal of 2500 Twitter followers. We think this reduced number is reachable within a reasonable amount of time. The more you tell your friends about it, the faster the draw will happen (but please, don’t spam them).
  • Every weekday that the contest continues, no matter how long, we will give away a premium copy of 321 Photo.
  • All winners of any prizes so far, and future winners of the continuing premium versions of 321 Photo, will continue to be eligible for the Grand Prize draw.
  • We are also loosening up the requirements for what counts as a “qualifying entry”. Basically, any message that includes the contest web address ( will qualify to a maximum of one per day. Please be respectful and please don’t spam.

You can view the full changes at the contest web page (here). This was a very difficult decision for us, but we hope for your understanding and that this solution meets with your approval. We hope that you will continue to recommend our contest, and our app, to your friends — and we wish you the best of luck in the draw!


Brad & Pierre

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