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Battle of the social networks!

It been about a month since our last update on our iPhone 4 giveaway. We now have about 750 followers on Twitter, we’ve certainly started adding followers at a faster rate, and we’re well on our way to our goal of 2500 to announce a winner. Although this is great, we really want to kick it up a gear and get this iPhone 4 into some lucky winner’s eager hands as fast as possible! So, we’re going to try extending the contest to our Facebook page as well. Facebook says we’re not allowed, but everyone else is doing it, so shucks to them!

We are going to include anyone that has “liked” our Facebook fan page in the draw (you can like it from the facebook panel on the left). Of course, we can’t force you, but it’d also be great if you also posted a message to your wall asking your friends to check us out or join the contest (here’s the link: ). Hopefully, this will also drive followers to our Twitter page and we can reach our goal sooner. If we reach 2500 followers or fans, we will make the draw for the contest winner. May the best social network win!

Good Luck!

PS: Yes, you can still improve your odds of winning by liking us on Facebook AND following us on Twitter.

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