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321 Photo is dead. Long live Click!

Way back in the day, 321 Photo was originally meant to be a one-trick pony that was simply going to enable taking self-portraits with a full-screen shutter button and a 3-second countdown timer. But, that was a long time ago, during the dark ages of the App Store. By the time we actually released 321 Photo publicly, it had become a full-featured camera app and had clearly outgrown its name. This past weekend, we quietly introduced Click! to the App Store as a step toward correcting this misnomer.

Click! is a complete rewrite of 321 Photo, with plenty of new features and functionality thrown – while at the same time reducing complexity in the interface. Currently, Click! is essentially a paid, stand-alone, updated, premium version of 321 Photo. We plan to bring an update to existing 321 Photo users that will provide access to the same functionality that Click! now provides as soon as we can. In the meantime, if you prefer not to wait, there’s no harm in purchasing Click! now.

So what’s new in Click!

Really, there are far too many changes to go through them all, but I’ll briefly try to touch on a few of the key ones here:

One-handed operation

While researching how people actually use the iPhone camera we kept noticing one thing over and over. They are constantly holding it in one hand, and precariously balancing it while they try to take photo. Further complicating things, most camera apps have ridiculous controls layered under menus that are almost impossible to navigate when your trying to get that special shot. Some force you to use two hands for gestures like zooming in or out or adjusting focus and exposure. We think this isn’t good enough and so, we completely re-thought the entire operation of every camera function to ensure that they can be accessed and operated with only one hand. The result is a slim, minimal interface with a lot of flexibility.

Exclusive one-handed focus and exposure controls

There are a few other apps out there by now that let you independently control focus and exposure settings for each shot, but none of them let you do so like Click! – complete control with only one hand. To set the focus, just tap-and-hold which will display the focus reticule. If you continue to hold your finger down and move it around, you can change the focus location. To set exposure, just double-tap and hold. Similarly, you can change the exposure’s white point setting by continuing to hold your finger down and moving the exposure reticule around. Once you’ve set either focus or exposure, you can edit the settings by simply dragging the reticules on the preview screen. To reset your settings, simply double-tap. Repeat to restore your previous settings. We think you’ll agree that this one-handed control for focus and exposure is far superior to the alternatives. (Focus and Exposure controls available on iPhone 4 & 3GS w/ iOS 4 only)

Twitter, Facebook, Flicker, and more!

We’re just as addicted to social services as you are. We took our time adding this functionality, but we wanted to get it just right. Twitter, Facebook, and Flickr are all there. We also support multiple accounts on all services. Its super easy to switch between accounts, and if you type a message and send it to one service, it will automatically be copied to the other services, ready to send without re-typing. Lastly, we added e-mail support, just because.

Continuous shooting mode

Actually, this feature has been around for a bit, but we haven’t publicized it much. Some camera apps may include a “Burst” mode, which usually takes 3 or so photos in succession. We did it a little different. If you tap the camera button and continue to hold it down, Click! will take continuous photos – limited only by the speed of device and the memory available – until you let go. You can also enable this feature without looking at the screen by doing a triple-tap-and-hold gesture.

Customizable countdown and interval timer

We love time lapse photos, and Click! now makes them easier than ever to take. We still support the adjustable countdown timer we had in 321 Photo, now with far more custom delays, but we’ve also added a completely customizable interval timer. You can edit the countdown timer delay or enable the interval timer by double-tapping on the timer icon.

Completely new Camera Roll access

Our new full-featured camera roll adds tonnes of new features. It now lets you zoom in or out of your photos. You can also swipe between photos and access our social sharing options for any photo. Additionally, we’ve made Click! work directly with the built-in Camera Roll – theres no need to shuffle photos around or manage a “Lightbox” before syncing with your computer.

Much more!

Of course, there are many, many more improvements that we’ve made along the way. Hopefully you approve! Please check out Click! and let us know what you think.


Brad & Pierre

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