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iPhone 4s… Zoom! Zoom!

iPhone 4S Zoom Demo

The new iPhone 4S has a dramatically improved camera over previous models and we’re eager to take advantage of it. So we are pleased to announce the immediate availability of an update which brings a big increase in the zoom magnification for iPhone 4S users. When the iPhone 4 came out, we increased the maximum zoom magnification from 5X to 8X. Now with the iPhone 4S, we’ve increased it again, this time from 8X to 16X. Older models will continue to support their previous magnifications.

Remember that this still is a digital zoom, so there is some degradation of the image quality for zoomed in photos. However, we do preform some interpolation to try to smooth out the unavoidable affects of enlarging a photo digitally. As you can see in the results above, we think the results are pretty amazing. For best results when using maximum zoom, we recommend a well-lit area – preferably outdoors, and ideally your phone should be secured with some sort of tripod to prevent shaking.

This is probably also a good time to mention some of the other features of the zoom control in Click! that you may have previously missed.  The zoom control has a nifty feature for letting you quickly select magnification levels or providing finer control when you need it. As you know, the zoom control can be brought up by simply sliding your finger in any direction on the screen, either a horizontal or vertical control will be displayed automatically. If you keep your finger on top of the control and you increase or decrease the magnification, it will “snap” to the major magnifications as you get close to them – 1X, 1.5X, 2X, 4X, 8X, and 16X on the iPhone 4S. If you want finer control, slide your finger away from the magnification bubble (usually to the right when the control is vertical or to the bottom when horizontal) and it will no longer snap – allowing you more precise control over the magnification selected.

Finally, many users never venture into the Settings App, but if you go in there and look under the Click! options, you’ll find a mysterious “User Orientation” setting. You might think that’s a personal question for a camera app to be asking you, but its actually letting you set the orientation of on-screen controls, such as the zoom control. The default “No Preference” option tries its best to figure out which hand your using and keep your hand from obscuring the magnification bubble. If you find that your finger is frequently covering the magnification bubble, try specifically setting the orientation to either right- or left- handed (whichever applies to you).

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