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Click! brings iOS 7′s “Burst Mode” to iPhone 5c, 5, and 4s cameras via Time Warp

Vancouver, BC, September 12, 2013 — Room1337 today announced that the upcoming version 4.0 of it’s popular Click camera app will bring Time Warp, a feature similar to iOS 7′s “Burst Mode”, to devices otherwise unsupported by Apple’s implementation.

On Tuesday, Apple announced an impressive lineup of new iPhones and unveiled some exciting changes to the built-in camera app that is supplied with them. The most interesting among those features was the new “Burst Mode” that takes multiple photos and allows the user to select which one is to be saved. Hidden in the details, however, is that this feature is reserved exclusively for the new iPhone 5s. Earlier iPhone owners as well as new owners of the iPhone 5c will not have access to this feature. Click 4.0 promises to bridge this gap for those devices with its new “Time Warp” feature.

Time Warp allows Click to take several full-resolution photos in quick succession – 7 photos in about 1.5 seconds on an iPhone 5 – and then allows the user to select which ones are to be saved to your camera roll while the rest are discarded. Time Warp is one of over 20 new features that will be released in Click 4.0.

Click 4.0 is currently being prepared for approval and is expected to be available on the app store soon. The current version of Click is on sale for 99¢ Free! Click regularly sells for $2.99.


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