Allows photographers to go back in time fractions of seconds to select the best photo.
Today Room1337 is pleased to announce the release of the update to its popular Click camera app for the iPhone and iPod Touch, Click 2. A complete re-write of all the major components, Click 2 adds revolutionary new features such as Time Warp, Burst Mode, and more along with support iOS 7 and the iPhone 5, 5s, and 5c.
Our flagship feature for this major release is Time Warp™. When enabled, it takes multiple high-speed full resolution photos with each touch of the shutter button and allows you to easily preview and save the best one, a group of photos, or all of them. This feature is available on the iPhone 4S and higher.
Click was the first camera app in the app store to provide a continuous full-resolution shooting mode simply by holding down the shutter button. With Click 2, we dramatically improved Burst Mode shooting. First off, Burst Mode is supported by all devices supported by Click 2. Secondly, we’re up to 60% faster than the built-in app on comparable devices. And finally, we added the same preview and photo selection functionality provided by our Time Warp™ feature to allow you to easily select one, a few, or all of the resulting photos before saving.
We even completely re-thought focus and exposure control so it can effortlessly be switched between Auto, Semi-Auto, and Manual control with just one finger. All together, Click 2 has over 50 advanced features.
Click 2 can be found one the App Store by searching for “click warp”, or visiting the website at Click 2 will be on sale for $0.99 for a limited time.

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Click! brings iOS 7′s “Burst Mode” to iPhone 5c, 5, and 4s cameras via Time Warp

Vancouver, BC, September 12, 2013 — Room1337 today announced that the upcoming version 4.0 of it’s popular Click camera app will bring Time Warp, a feature similar to iOS 7′s “Burst Mode”, to devices otherwise unsupported by Apple’s implementation. Continue Reading…

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Click is coming to the iPhone 5!

We’ll be standing in line on Friday along side all of you iPhotography buffs to get our hands on the latest iPhone… the iPhone 5. Of course, we want you all to be able to experience the best iPhotography app on the greatest device available, so we have a special promo lined up for you. As soon as we have an iPhone 5, we’ll be immediately running tests and we’ll post information about its capabilities as we have it. Shortly thereafter, we have an update lined up that will ensure that Click takes full advantage of the new larger display and we’ve also snuck in a few new features. To be sure to get the latest update for your new iPhone 5, we are running a few promos. The day before launch day, on Thursday, you will be able to get a copy of Click! absolutely FREE, then on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday it will be on sale for only $0.99 (from $2.99). Don’t miss this opportunity to get Click at a discount so you can get the updated iPhone 5 version as soon as it is available.

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iPhoneography with Click! – Focus & Exposure

We’ve put together a very short video demonstration of Click’s exclusive one-finger focus and exposure control. Check it out on YouTube below.

Continue Reading…

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Give the Gift of Better Holiday Photos!

Santa / via @tripleman

Santa almost had to cancel Christmas this year due to skyrocketing expenses after having to repeatedly replace elves’ iPhones. Apparently they kept dropping them while performing the finger gymnastics required to get candid photos during the after-hours office parties. Avoid both finger-pretzel-itis and financial duress by getting Click while its on sale during the holidays. Better yet, help Santa keep his expenses under control and prevent a potential elf revolt by gifting it to that special iPhone-toting elf in your life for only 99¢.

Win an iTunes Gift Card!

We’ll be giving away iTunes Gift Cards throughout the holidays until January 1, 2012. Enter to win up to a $50 iTunes Gift Card by helping us spread holiday cheer on your favourite social site.
Continue Reading…

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Boxing Day vs Black Friday

Boxing Day

Americans probably don’t appreciate the wrath Canadians unleash upon retail outlets on Boxing Day. That’s ok though, we don’t really get Black Friday either (but it *does* sound sinister). However, we do know how to make the iPhone camera come alive with features you never dreamed of while keeping it all lick-ably simple. So in the spirit of world unity and better photography, we are having a special pre-Boxing Day SALE all BLACK FRIDAY weekend! Help promote world peace and improve bilateral relations… get Click on sale now! Continue Reading…

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iPhone 4s… Zoom! Zoom!

iPhone 4S Zoom Demo

The new iPhone 4S has a dramatically improved camera over previous models and we’re eager to take advantage of it. So we are pleased to announce the immediate availability of an update which brings a big increase in the zoom magnification for iPhone 4S users. When the iPhone 4 came out, we increased the maximum zoom magnification from 5X to 8X. Now with the iPhone 4S, we’ve increased it again, this time from 8X to 16X. Older models will continue to support their previous magnifications. Continue Reading…

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Click 3.2 – Introducing PhotoAppLink

PAL Logo

Today we released Click v3.2 which has built-in support for PhotoAppLink. Essentially, PhotoAppLink makes it possible for the very best photo editing apps available on the App Store to be available directly from within Click. We think it’s really going to change how photos are handled on iOS. PhotoAppLink opens the whole world of App Store photo editing apps to Click. Click with PhotoAppLink gives you the best pure camera app experience and works with the top photo apps to give you the best photo editing features available. Continue Reading…

Posted 6 years, 6 months ago at 3:56 pm.

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We have a Winner!

Today, we are happy to announce that we have a grand-prize winner for our much-longer-than-originally-planned contest! Before we get to the big announcement though, I would like to quickly update you on some new developments we got brewing. Continue Reading…

Posted 6 years, 7 months ago at 7:04 am.

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321 Photo is dead. Long live Click!

Way back in the day, 321 Photo was originally meant to be a one-trick pony that was simply going to enable taking self-portraits with a full-screen shutter button and a 3-second countdown timer. But, that was a long time ago, during the dark ages of the App Store. By the time we actually released 321 Photo publicly, it had become a full-featured camera app and had clearly outgrown its name. This past weekend, we quietly introduced Click! to the App Store as a step toward correcting this misnomer. Continue Reading…

Posted 6 years, 8 months ago at 5:38 pm.

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